10 Ways to Have a Holly Jolly Holiday Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But hold up. We are still in 2020. For many of us, this year has been a dumpster fire. Yes, it is true. We are still in a pandemic and in the middle surge. But more the reason to celebrate this festive time of year with joy, peace, and love. We need this!

But fear not! We came up with some fun, easy, and safe ways to help you deck the halls this holiday season. So get ready to party (virtually of course), and have a holly jolly holiday!

1 Theme Cocktail Party

Choosing a theme will help you set the intention for your holiday party. Do you crave some wonder and whimsy? Or are you feeling like you need to add some sparkle to your life? Whatever you choose, this will help set the tone for your party. Tell your guest the theme, share recipes, a signature cocktail, and ask them to dress the part. Check out some holiday party themes on Pinterest.

2 Holiday Games

Plan on a game or two to play with your guest. Games are a great way to engage all your guest. From Holiday Movie Charades, to Name That Holiday Tune, to Cards Against Humanity: Jew Pack. These games will have everyone laughing and having a great time. Check our Pinterest for fun festive holiday games that the whole family can join in.

3 Cookie Exchange

I will never forget my first cookie exchange. I had never baked before. I tried to keep it simple using Pillsbury cookie dough and adding a cherry to the middle. But I still remember all the cookies and still have and make all the recipes. This is a great way to share some of your holiday favorites and even gain some new ones. If you’re local, coordinate a curbside exchange. If you are going virtual, you can exchange your cookie recipes and bake together!

4 Tree Lighting

Every year, The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting kicks off the holiday season. This is exciting to watch on TV and watch the tree get lit up. So why not bring this magic of Rockefeller Center to your home and have a virtual screening of your own tree lighting! Play some holiday music, or have your kids do a performance, and then the grand finale of lighting your tree.

5 Tree Trimming

I love giving people ornaments as a gift for their tree. Especially when people are new first starting out. A tree trimming is great to help you decorate your tree asking people to make or bring a new or old ornament. This year, ask everyone to send you an ornament, with a message. Have a virtual party showing each ornament, sharing the message, and hanging it on your tree.

6 Gingerbread Wars

This is a fun one for families to enjoy together. If you ever watched cupcake wars on Food Network, you know how this works. Each household is a team, and each team will have a certain amount of time to create your masterpiece. Then the judges will pick a winner. No judges, no problems. Have everyone take a vote on who won.

7 Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Ready. Set. Ho Ho Ho! Have players find holiday items in a time set time frame. For example, a player may have to retrieve a stocking or nutcracker to earn points. The goal of these games is to have fun and encourage engagement for participants.

8 Read Holiday Stories

Baked into every holiday tradition are the wonderful stories. Whether your holiday favorite is A Christmas CarolA Visit from St. Nicholas, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, reading them is a must! So gather everyone around the screen and story time. This will be fun for the very young to the very old.

9 Holiday Cooking Class

This is the time of year we all indulge and go the extra mile creating a decadent fare. Take a cooking class with some friends and learn to make a new holiday dish. This is a great way to eat, drink some wine, and have fun!

10 Caroling

Can’t go around caroling this year? You can do it virtually! Pick a few songs and invite people for a virtual caroling session. You can even assign solos to people and take turns singing your favorite holiday songs.

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