9 Essential Items You Need To Start Entertaining At Home

As the world sees the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, we are gearing up for gatherings we have craved for a year now. It only takes a few items to make you the hostess with the mostess. We complied a list of nine essential items to help you prepare for the epic parties you are going to have. We also are giving you links to some affordable options so you don’t break the bank.

1 | Plates

Stock up on a dozen simple white dinner and salad plates. Why white plates? They are easier to replace a broken plate without looking and they will help your food pop on the plate. You can get pretty decent and affordable white plates at Many stores. Bonus: These cocktail plates are not essential, but I love to use them. They allow your guest to have a free had while they eat, drink, and mingle.

2 | Flatware

No one wants to cut their steak with a plastic knife. Flatware is an item that you can mix and match your fancy wedding gift sets, with more causal. This is also an item you can find on sale or at a discount store for an affordable price. Here is one affordable simple set we found.  

3 | Glassware

Find an all-purpose glass. Again keep it simple. I like to use a simple stemless wine glass. You can buy these in bulk and even get them at the Dollar Store.

4 | Serving Ware

Family style is a great way to serve. Invest in some platters and large bowls. This is another area where it is ok to mix and match design. Don’t forget about serving utensils.

5 | Linens

Invest in either tablecloth, table mats or a table runner. This will is something simple that will help to dress up your table and make it inviting for your guest.

Linen napkins are luxury, but I love to use them when I am hosting a small dinner party. I recommend getting a dozen in a solid color that you can use for many occasions. But paper napkins are fine too. If you are hosting for more than a dozen people, a cocktail or buffet-style party, I would stick to paper napkins.

6 | Self Bar

I find making a signature cocktail or two for you party is always helpful. This something you can prepare in advance and keep you from playing bartender all night. I like to make a punch or sangria and serve them in a glass pitcher, a drink dispenser, or punch bowl. This is looks beautiful and elegant, and also allows guest to help themselves for refills.

7 | Playlist

Music is essential to any event. Even if you are not having a dance party, having music play in the background will help set the mood for your party. Make a playlist that helps to set the mood for your gathering. I love to use the Mini WonderBoom Speakers. These speakers sound great and are easily link together through bluetooth. Best of all, you can place them throughout your home, so everyone can hear the music without it blaring from one corner of your house.

8 | Lighting

Lighting will have a huge effect in setting the mood for your party. You can create a cozy intimate mood by lighting a few candles light or adding bistro lighting. You can even add color lighting, by simply changing your lightbulbs. For Halloween, I have changed out lightbulbs in my regular lamps to black lightbulbs, to create a more spooky feel.

9 | Decor

Add a little decor to make it feel special. Your decor can be seasonal like pumpkins. But never underestimate something as simple as plants or colorful flowers. It will help fill in empty spaces and add in some pazzazz.

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