10 Thanksgiving Games and Activities for the Whole Family

This year, your Thanksgiving may be looking a little different. With everyone’s usual Thanksgiving plans and traditions on pause, you may be looking for new ways to bond with your family and friends. Well, look no further! Whether you’re hosting a small outdoor Thanksgiving dinner or a virtual one, there are plenty of games and activities you can do to make the celebration special.

1 Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is always a fun game for the whole family to join in. And it doesn’t require any special supplies supplies or equipment. Send bingo sheets to family and friends that will join you virtual and pick a time to all play together.

Download your free printable Thanksgiving themed Bingo sheets.

2 Thanksgiving Gratitude Game

On Thanksgiving, we always go around the table and say something we are grateful for. The Thanksgiving Gratitude Game is a fun way to shake up this tradition. Have everyone pick a color (you can also use m&m, color paper, or feathers for added fun!). Then have each person say what they are grateful for based on the category of the color they have chosen. Instead of just sharing one thing, you can share a few different things.

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Game sheet.

3 Gratitude from A-Z

What do you get when you combine Thanksgiving and “I went to the market”? Gratitude from A-Z! Start at the beginning of the alphabet and go around in a circle listing all the things you are grateful for.

4 Thanksgiving Scattergories

I love Scattergories! And I love themes! This is the best of both worlds! Use the link below to print out topics and answer sheets for each round. You will also need a timer and an alphabet die. If you don’t have an alphabet die, you could write each letter on a piece of paper and have someone choose randomly from a basket. Then roll the die, set the timer, and have a blast!

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Scattergories sheets.

5 Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Mad Libs are always so much fun! This Thanksgiving version is sure to be a big hit for kids and adults. I promise it will end with everyone laughing hysterically.

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Mad Libs sheets.

6 Thanksgiving Joke Teller

If you are a child of the 90’s you remember fortune tellers. Here it is with a twist! These joke tellers have a fun Thanksgiving design and jokes that will evoke laughter.

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Joke Tellers.

7 Thanksgiving Charades

Charades is great for any gathering, and Thanksgiving is no different! Take these cues and act away!

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Charades.

8 Roll a Turkey

This is a cute, quick, and easy candy game for the kids. To play, give a card for each player and pour a bowl of plain m&m’s. Then roll the dice, add up the numbers (check the color code on the bottom of the sheet), and use the color code to place the candies. The first player with a full turkey wins!

Buy the PDF for $3.95 on Etsy.

9 Thanksgiving Taboo

This fun party game with a thanksgiving spin will keep everyone entertained and having a ball! But remember, you cannot say any of the words listed on the card.

Buy the PDF for $4.85 on Etsy.

10 Thanksgiving Pictionary

Channel your inner Picasso for this one! Great for the whole family near and far. You all have a roar of laughter as you try to decipher what each player is drawing.

Download your free printable Thanksgiving Pictionary Game Words.

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